What is Service Design?

Service design represents the umbrella discipline for the creation, optimization and execution of value exchange to a user or customer.  It is not limited to exclusively physical or digital interactions, a single product/service, or customer-facing touch points, but is inclusive of the holistic service blueprint, including the backstage actors/services and partners involved in service delivery.  Due to its holistic nature, service design is best illustrated through five unique flavors:

Fuzzy Front-End Innovation & Strategy

Physical Experience Design

Digital Experience Design

Organizational Design & Change Management

Business Process Optimization

What is Service Design Week?

The marketplace is full of misconceptions around service design, experience design and the approaches/tools available to analyze and optimize value exchange.  As service design is elevating to a more holistic approach in large enterprises, designers require opportunities to grow technical toolkits and change management skillsets.  This conference gathers designers, strategists and CX/UX leaders to address best-in-class methods and tools for holistic experience and service design as well as the evolving skillsets required for the next generation of value exchange.

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Get informed with 30+ speakers and a multi-faceted, hands-on agenda.

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Join us pre-conference for Workshops or our Practical Service Design Boot Camp.

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Make valuable connections with Service Design leaders convening from all over the country.

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