Kerry Bodine

Co-Author of Outside In
Kerry Bodine & Co.
Kerry Bodine believes that happy customers lead to happy shareholders. Her book, Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business, helps business leaders understand the financial benefits of great customer experiences—and how their organizations must change in order to deliver them. In 2014, she founded Kerry Bodine & Co., a customer experience consultancy focused on customer journey mapping and experience design. She’s also a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and private corporate events around the world. Kerry’s ideas, analysis, and opinions have appeared on sites like The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes, USA Today, and Advertising Age. She contributes a regular column to Touchpoint, the journal published by the global Service Design Network. Kerry spent seven years with the customer experience practice at Forrester Research. As vice president and principal analyst, she led Forrester’s research on customer experience design and innovation. She was also the creative force behind the customer experience ecosystem, a framework that helps companies diagnose and fix customer problems at their roots. In previous roles, Kerry managed consumer research teams; guided the design of websites, mobile apps, and branded social networks; designed interfaces for robots and wearable devices; and, in 1995, developed a Web-based social shopping prototype for AT&T Bell Labs. In addition to her design background, she has completed stints as both a management consultant and an advertising executive. Kerry holds a master’s degree in human-computer interaction from Carnegie Mellon University.


Today’s organizational structures are based on a framework constructed more than a century ago. With the dual tenets of specialization and efficiency at their core, these structures have enabled the production of goods at mass scale and the development of global service organizations. Unfortunately, they’ve also resulted in disastrous customer experiences.

CX and service design teams regularly employ journey mapping to build bridges across silos and reduce customer pain points. But to realize the true business benefits of customer experience, we need to start thinking less about journeys as things we map—and more as the organizing principle for how we do business every day. We can only excel when we realize the limitations of our siloed organizations and start to organize our people, our resources, and our work around journeys.

This keynote brings to you the cutting edge research of Kerry Bodine, author of an upcoming book on the power of the journey to change the fundamental nature of how we work. Kerry will bring you the key catalysts for service design success through a reinvention of the way your organization does business every day.