2017 Service Design Week Brochure

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Service design represents the umbrella discipline for the creation, optimization and execution of value exchange to a user or customer.  It is not limited to exclusively physical or digital interactions, a single product/service, or customer-facing touch points, but is inclusive of the holistic service blueprint, including the backstage actors/services and partners involved in service delivery.

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2017 Content

2017 Service Design Week ROI Toolkit

Thinking about attending Service Design Week? We are here to help you convince your colleague or manager to attend. Take a look at the top reason why you should attend. This ROI toolkit includes:
- Convince your boss letter
- Top reasons to attend
- Estimated Budget Expense Sheet
- and more!

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Service Design 101

Service design represents the umbrella discipline for the creation, optimization and execution of experiences with users and customers. It is not limited exclusively to physical or digital interactions, a single product/service, or customer-facing touch points, but is inclusive of the holistic service blueprint, including the front stage and backstage actors and partners involved in service delivery. Get started with this Service Design 101 Guide.

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2017 Service Design Week Registration Form

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2017 Service Design Week Anticipated Attendee List

To give you a feel for the peers in which you’ll be sitting beside at this event, we have provided a list of titles and companies in which we expect interest and attendance. Whether you work in experience design, innovation, human factors engineering or evangelizing service design in your organization, this conference will deliver you immediately applicable value.

Not familiar with Service Design? Be sure to check out our Service Design 101 Guide.

The Evolution of Service Design

This timeline features the evolution of service design, highlighting how this methodology emerged, the thought leaders who brought it to life, and how it is recently being leveraged as a business strategy in the world’s most competitive companies.

CCW Digital Executive Report: Customer Experience

You care about the customer experience. But is the experience you’re creating the one your customers actually want? CCW Digital surveyed everyday customers about what they demand when it comes to the customer experience.

Special Report: Frictionless Experience

Nearly every business views the “effortless customer experience” as a top strategic priority. But what does that really entail? What exactly constitutes “effort” in the eyes of the customer? What causes this effort? And how can it truly be reduced (or eliminated)?

Key topics include:
• Is effort really important to customers?
• Why businesses should take “effortless” very seriously?
• Which KPIs can help measure customer effort?
• 10 keys to reducing customer effort
• 9-step checklist for using self-service to reduce effort

2017 Service Design Week Attendee List

Interested to see who attended Service Design Week? Take a look at our current attendee list where you will get a sneak peak at the organizations that will be joining you this year!

2017 Service Design in the News

Service Design is gaining traction as the leading methodology for designing and delivering service experiences across industries and sectors. Service Design Week compiled some leading case studies on just how service design is being utilized to maximize value for all stakeholders. In addition, check out some of the open source resources and communities forging the way forward in service experience innovation.

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2017 Past Presentations

Reinventing Customer Services

Content, Service Design, and Customer Support

Presented by: 
Heather Simon, Director, Service Design, AutoDesk

Missed out on Service Design Week 2017? Five years ago, Autodesk recognized a need to reinvent how they were delivering services to customers. Heather Simon, Autodesk’s first Service Design Director, was brought on to build a service design organization for this purpose. Hear Heather’s service design journey, including:

  • How her product management and communications background prepared her for service design leadership
  • The cross-functional role of her service design shop acting from the operations silo
  • “Train the trainer” initiatives across Autodesk design teams to evangelize service design methods
  • Atlas, her team’s bespoke journey mapping software, now used company-wide

Take a look at her presentation. 

Building on Human-Centered Design: Evolving the Discipline of Design Research

Presented by: 

  • David Weissburg, Director, Design Strategy, Fidelity Labs
  • Mark RogersDirector, Design Strategist, Fidelity Labs

Missed out on Service Design Week 2017? Human-Centered design has emerged as the industry standard for design research. But might human-centered research, by its nature of putting “the user” in the middle, be in danger of serving only part of those in need of support?

In this workshop, David Weissburg introduced the budding concept of Relationship-Centered Design. Through interactive exercises comparing various depths of design research (customers, users, humans, relationships), observe the differing research outcomes achieved dependent on the methods used. attendees walked away with a new, relationship-centered mindset for navigating the fuzzy front end of innovation. 

Take a look at their presentation. 

Design for Health

Presented by: 
Emilee Kaufman, Manager, Corporate Partnerships, Population Services International (PSI)
Mary Philips, Program Manager, Population Services International (PSI)

Missed out on Service Design Week 2017? Brought to you by our Philanthropic Partner, PSI, PSI takes a business approach to saving lives by addressing HIV/AIDS, malaria, sanitation and access to contraception in the developing world. They believe it’s time to put health care directly into the hands of consumers. When beneficiaries are treated more like consumers, when they are deeply engaged in program design and when care is brought as close to them as possible, greater health outcomes are achieved, faster.

Attendees participated in a “Design for Good” challenge. Take a look at their presentation. 

Opening the Experience Aperture

Easy Service Design Techniques to Design Customer Ecosystems Beyond the CX/UX Vertical

Presented by: 

Peter March, Director of User Experience, FCB Health

Missed out on Service Design Week 2017? Leveraging case studies and anecdotes, Peter introduced attendees to the tested tools and techniques from the field of service design that they can start using immediately to help approach the design of services in a more holistic and comprehensive way.

Take a look at his presentation.