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October 15-18, 2018 | Boston, MA

Dr. Joel Mier

Professor at University of Richmond
Former Head of Customer Experience at Netflix

11:00 AM How to Pivot Organizational Culture toward Customer Centricity

Effective service design initiatives require going beyond just end-users to include front line staff and design for cultural change. Positive customer experience starts with every employee within your company. Develop a customer-centric strategy to drive repeat business and customer loyalty. Build a roadmap to:

Hire and train new employees with your customers in mind
Strengthen customer-centric behaviors among your company’s leaders

11:00 AM Service Design Circuit

The Service Design Circuit leverages the power of focused, small group discussions for leading benchmarking opportunities on the main aspects of Service Design. Attendees will experience three Service Design elements, rotating between each element every 30 minutes. 
Pick Three:
11:25am – 11:55am
12:00pm – 12:30pm
12:35pm – 1:05pm

Fuzzy Front-End Innovation & Strategy
Through interactive learning and provocative discussion, we will explore best practices and strategies to help you and your organization navigate the complexities of the fuzzy front end in service design initiatives.

Physical Experience Design
This group examines benchmarks for curating face-to-face interactions, tangible materials, in-store experiences or live interactions.

Digital Experience Design
This group unpacks the curation of digital touch points through digital customer experience strategy and technology inclusive of all digital channels:  web, tablets, mobile, apps.

Organizational Design & Change Management
Training and change management is key, especially in cases involving redesigning pieces of the organization.  This group tackles management skill sets required for service designers.

Business Systems Optimization 
Process improvements will be made cross-functionally as part of service design. This can include new investments or savings utilizing more holistic, business-facing systems and technologies. This group approaches the process of managing transformation associated with holistic service design.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Dr. Joel.

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